Meet Our Team



Founder + CEO

Manuel has a Master’s Degree in Communication Systems (Computer Science) from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.  Since 2015, Manuel has worked tirelessly to provide the best platform possible for Villages to use and seniors to benefit from.  With a deep connection to the aging community (see Our Story page), Manuel recognizes the many benefits of Villages and strives to improve this model with the best platform for Villages to provide millions of seniors with resources to age independently, socially, and purposefully.

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Customer Success + Marketing Director

Joelle will be graduating with her Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Utah in December 2020. Joelle was brought onto the Helpful Village team in September of 2020 and has become a vital member of the company.  Joelle works hard to ensure that Helpful Village customers are happy and given the tools necessary to succeed. Her infectiously positive attitude not only impacts all our Helpful Village team members, but our customers as well.


Business Operations Manager

Cristina has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Sciences from the University of La Laguna. Since 2018, Cristina has been working hard to ensure that Helpful Village meets goals and offers a high quality product to all of its customers. Cristina offers a broad overview of the business as a whole and she is a vital part of the success of Helpful Village.


Yoga therapist and teacher

Petra is a certified yoga therapist and yoga teacher specializing in yoga for healthy aging. She finished her Yoga Teacher training in 2012 and dived deeper into studying how yoga practices can help people address their health challenges and improve their well-being. Petra finished her 800-hour Yoga Therapy studies in 2015. She prepared herself to work with individuals that deal with limitations due to chronic conditions or injuries.