Aging at Home  with the

Village Movement

90% of Older Adults want to age in their own homes. That's now possible with a Village and a little help from your Neighbors.


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Running a Village?

Martha Smith

I now say to my family that they don't have to worry about me anymore because the 60's have now become the new 30's. With the support of my Village, I age at home but not alone.   

Helen Jones

Anytime I feel lonely, I grab my iPad and look for fun events posted on Lamorinda Village and try to reach out to a volunteer who can push my wheelchair. Nothing can stop me now. 

Walker Christensen

I once thought that I would end up in a senior home but instead I bought myself an iPad and with a click of a button, a volunteer shows up at my doorstep with a big smile on their face ready to help me carry my weights to yoga. 

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